Q) Do I need to play 18 holes to use the card?

A) Yes. The discount is based off an 18 hole round of golf. There will be NO splitting up your 9 holes.

Q) Should I call for a tee time?

A) It is not necessary but probably a good idea. Just in case a course has a league, outing…

Q) Can I Walk or do I need a cart?

A) The discount card includes a cart. It is your choice to ride or walk but NO additional discounts will be giving to walkers.

Q) Can I use my discount during league play, tournaments or on holidays?

A) No. The discount card is restricted during these times.

Q) What is the difference between the Eastwood Card and the Southern Park Card?

A) The Eastwood card focuses on golf courses in Trumbull County and Western Pa while the Southern Park card has courses from Mahoning and Columbiana counties. These cards are punched and discounts can only be used once per course.

Q) How much do I save with the card?

A) On the average, each card will save you over $150.00 in GREEN FEES (based on regular rates)

Q) What is the Black Card?

A) The “Black” Card has (13) courses from the area. Golfers can play all of the courses multiple times and receive discounts. It is not a punch card.

Q) How many times can I play each course?

A) You can play each course (1) time each. The card is punched after each use. If you purchased the “Black” Card there is no limit to the amount of times you can play a course.

Q) Can other people use my card?

A) Yes. The Card IS transferable. Anyone can use it! The Black Card is non transferable.

Q) How long is the card good for?

A) Card is valid from November 1st 2017 to December 31st 2018.

Q) Can I play during restricted times on discount card?

A) No. The goal of the discount card is to help golf course play during slow hours. That is why we can offer such great discounts.

Q) Can I buy more than (1) card?

A) There is no limit to the number of cards bought. Buy one for every golfer in your foursome.