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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE – May 20th – We now have discounted tee times available for many courses within an hour of Youngstown – Check them out now.

UPDATE – March 17th – If you purchased a deal from MyValleyDeals please email me your address and redemption code at chanysh@myloopcard.com to redeem your order.

UPDATE – December 20th – Groupon orders must be redeemed here. You DO NOT have to enter Groupon Redemption Code in “Coupon Code” section during checkout. I will match up names with Groupon.

The 2014 Youngstown MyLoop Discount Golf Card is available now.

After a great first two years in Youngstown, Ohio, we are back (again), new and improved for another year. We have added a few new courses. So, stop paying too much for golf and get your 2014 Youngstown MyLoop Discount Golf Card. We have also added the 2014 Western, PA. MyLoop Network Golf Card which includes (5) courses from Youngstown & (5) courses from Western, PA. Learn more about our (2) discount golf cards here.

The MyLoop Discount Card is a great value for any golfer looking to save a few bucks.

Our goal is to partner with great local golf courses and have them provide discounts to local golfers. The golf courses gain customers during normally slow times in their day. Golfers benefit by saving money. It is a Win…Win for everyone involved. ORDER NOW

MyLoop Discount Golf Card Benefits:

  • Golfers can save upwards of $150 in greens fees for only $25. ORDER NOW
  • By the second time a golfer uses the card, the card will have already paid for itself.
  • The card can be used at any “redeemable” time during the 2014 golf season.
  • Great for groups of friends that love traveling to different golf courses.
  • It is a great gift for any golfer.
  • The MyLoop Discount Golf Cards can also be a great fundraiser tool for any school, sports team, or charity organization. Learn more.
  • Reward your employees with our 2014 MyLoop Discount Golf Card. Corporate Pricing.
  • Earn extra income with our Reseller Program. Learn More.
  • Do you run a golf outing and want to earn money for your organization?. Learn More.

Learn more about the 2014 MyLoop Discount Golf Card and Participating Golf Courses:
Participating Golf Courses in Youngstown Ohio Participating Golf Courses in Pittsburgh, PA
Y O U N G S T O W N, O H
Take a look at the Golf Courses participating in the 2014 Youngstown MyLoop Discount Golf Card. Click here
P I T T S B U R G H, P A
Take a look at the Golf Courses participating in the 2014 Western, PA Network Golf Card.       Click here

Golf Discount Card Fundraising Ideas

Need to raise money for your organization, school or team?

The MyLoop Discount Golf Card is an EASY SALE! Click here to find out more of the benefits of selling The MyLoop Discount Golf Card.

Use our MyLoop Discount Golf Card to Reward your Employees during the Holidays (or any time).

Golf Discount Card Corporate Offering
The MyLoop Discount Golf Card is a great way to show your employees that you care during the holidays (or any time). If you employ golfers and want to give them a gift that keeps giving all golf season then checkout our corporate pricing.


Golf Discount Card Reseller Program

Want to Earn Some Extra $$$?

MyLoop Discount Golf Card is a great value for every golfer. We feel that if every local golfer knew about our discount golf card that they would buy one. That is where you come in. We are looking to team up with a few motivated people to help sell our MyLoop Discount Golf Card.